Tutorial Video

 Learn about the Tahoe Gardens' COLUMN FARM - Watch Our Tutorial

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Step #1:  Acquire high quality seeds*.

*From Tahoe Gardens or your own supplier.


Step #2:  Seed the grow media. 

Using tweezers, insert seeds into the grow media.  Some seed types prefer rock wool, others the ground shell of the coconut, referred to as coco coir.  This photo sequence shows rock wool as the grow medium.


Step #3:  Produce seedlings of the desired size utilizing the internal Germination Station.

Place the grow medium into a grow tray.  Add nutrient to the grow tray (approximately 1 cup).  Move the grow tray into the Germination Station inside the Column Farm.  Allow time for seeds to germinate and reach the desired height for transfer to a grow cup.  This step, depending on plant type takes between 2 to 6 weeks.  Add nutrient periodically, usually about 1 to 2 times per week, to keep the grow medium moist.


Step #4:  Prepare the seedling for insertion into its Column Farm center column grow cup.

When the seedling grows to the desired size, move it to a grow basket.  This example uses a sponge material to retain the seedling in the grow basket.  Some plants prefer coco coir to fill the grow basket void.

Step #5:  Grow the plant to harvest size in the Column Farm.

The Column Farm automates this phase of the process.  About every 2 to 3 weeks, nutrient must be added to the reservoir.  Plants need a little attention too--make certain they are supported on their plant support hoops, manually pollinate flowered plants like the tomato, trim back plants as they grow into the space occupied by another plant or the lamps.

 Nutrient and plant maintenance can be done in a few minutes a week.  It’s a learning process, getting easier and requiring less time as you grow more plants.

Step #6:  Enjoy!

The Column Farm accelerates the seed-to-harvest process, producing an abundance of product in less time than by any other method.