Product Details

The Column Farm XL consists of a grow column with 32 plant sites, 8 on each surface, spaced about 6 inches apart.  Plants grow in an outward and upward direction to fill the available and abundant volume.  Light from four LED lamps and reflected light, contained by a perimeter column reflector, illuminates the above ground portion of the plants.  The on/off cycle of the lighting system is fully programmable and automated.

A fluid reservoir contains the nutrients to feed the below ground portion of the plants.  A pump lifts the fluid to a misting assembly at the top of the column, producing water droplets that rain down on the roots of each of the plants.  The timing of nutrient delivery may be programmed to a desired number, say 1 minute of water delivery to the plants every 20 minutes.  On time and off time may be set between 1 and 99 minutes.

Germinated seedlings that range in height from 2 to 4 inches get inserted into the column.  There they grow to maturity, getting light from the LED/Reflector lighting system and nourishment by the automated fluid delivery system.  The rotating column makes it easy to service plants and to adjust their orientation to the LED lamps.  To optimize growth as plants grow, the LED lamps operate on a slide; move the lamp toward the plant when small, outward as it grows.

The Column Farm XL is ideally suited for growing indoors all year long.  Its productivity, the plants grown per period, leads the industry.  At home, it operates in any temperature controlled area with just 6 square feet of available floor space.  You may arrange multiple units along a wall, fill a closet, or convert a room into a grow room.  In a commercial environment, a Column Farm XL array operates within the confines of a small or large warehouse.  The Column Farm XL, scaled appropriately, may be used to grow for yourself, your family, friends, neighbors or the community year round.