Performance, Safety and Comfort

The COLUMN FARM Reflective Curtains provide a wide range of Benefits

Grow a Wider Variety of Plants Faster, with Less Power, and Less Light Wasted into the Environment.

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The Column Farm makes efficient use of the light produced by four LED lamps, one in each corner of the grow volume.  Reflective Curtains focus light back onto the plants, and minimize light emitted into the environment.  From an application perspective, the Column Farm optimizes:

  • Performance. Computer models show up to a 350% lighting efficiency gain.  Plants grow faster with less power consumption.
  • Safety. Almost no light escapes the Column Farm.  The eyes of humans and pets do not require protection with the reflective curtains in place.  We recommend turning off the LED light system when servicing plants
  • Comfort. The Column Farm emits a gentle glow.  It may be comfortably kept in a room where you gather, dine, watch TV or work without unpleasant glare.


With the reflectors in place, the plants receive light from the four LED lamps on all their surfaces—top, both sides and even a portion of the bottom.  Where gaps exist in the leaves, light passes through and strikes the next plant.  Plants reflect a portion of the incident light.  This reflected light bounces off the reflector; it returns to the plants.  This cycle may repeat for multiple reflections until the plants utilize almost all of the light produced by the LED system. 

The LED lights will not always be in perfect focus with the plants.  This light may initially miss contact with the plants.  However, the next reflection, or so, off the reflector delivers this light to the plants in the Column Farm.

Plants in conventional vertical lighting systems receive considerably less light than those in the Column Farm.

Incident light strikes only a portion of each plant, while most of the sides and bottom remain in the shade.  Light reflected from the plants escapes to the environment, never to be utilized by the plants.  It is this lost, or escaped light, that has the potential to be unsafe for humans and pets.  Likewise, too much escaped light may make a living space unlivable with prolonged exposure.  Keep in mind, the light you see being emitted by other grow systems is wasted light!  The Column Farm feeds this light back to the plants!