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The Most Productive and Effective Indoor Food Growing System Available

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Benefits of Ownership

Grow Food At Home

Grow an Abundance of Fresh, Healthy, Pesticide-Free Produce in the Comfort and Security of your Home.

Grow Food Year Round

Grow Anywhere, All Year Long! Enjoy Fresh Veggies, Greens, Flowers and Herbs.  Imagine, Fresh Tomatoes and Strawberries in January!

Easy to Use

No Dirt or Sun Required.  Convenient Automated Lighting & Water/Nutrient Delivery System

Save Money

Start Saving Money Today.  Save Money Year After Year.

Fresh Food - Nutritious & Delicious

Enjoy Fresh Picked Food Direct to Your Plate - Delicious, Nutritious, and Pesticide Free.  Savor Vibrant Live Veggies Harvested within Minutes of Serving, Rather than Days or Weeks After Long Transport and Storage.

High Productivity

Our Unique Lighting System provides Maximum Grow Power! Grow a Larger Volume and a Wider Variety of Vegetables, Leafy Greens, Flowers and Herbs.

Space & Water Efficient

Vertical Aeroponic System uses Minimal Floorspace and 98% Less Water!!  Grow 32 Mature Plants in a small 30” x 30” Footprint.

Food Security

Become Self-Sufficient: Take Control of Your Food Source and Supply. Avoid Food Supply Pathogens, Shortages and Disruptions. Shorten Your Food Chain!

Planet Health

Save Water & Reduce Habitat Destruction due to Mass Farming, Pesticide Pollution, CO2 from Food Transport, Plastic Packaging and Produce Bags, + ...

Modular & Scalable

Fill a Grow Room, Garage, or Warehouse.  Feed Your Family, Neighborhood or Community.  Help Feed the Planet!


"Agriculture is our wisest pursuit..."

- Thomas Jefferson

"Grow Food, Be Happy!"

 - Dave

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